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Lissie's Talent Shines During Acoustic Set

Lissie at the Cedar Cultural Center

Special Guest: Chase Cohl

October 5, 2016


Photo's and review by: Patrick Dunn

Near the end of Lissie’s October 5th show at the Cedar Cultural Center, she spoke of her relocation back to the Mid-West and asked,
“… if I come to Minneapolis once a month, would you guys come?” Based on the caliber of her performance and the supportive crowd reaction, I’m confident she could count on everyone to come back as often as she so chooses. We could only be so lucky!


This stop in the Twin Cities was part of a short tour of solo shows in a few select states that takes her from coast to coast. It had a very stripped down and relaxed feel, so much so that she even brought her dog Byron up on stage to break the ice. From the very first chorus of Hero all the way through the 2 song encore, Lissie let it be known that her powerful singing voice can effectively deliver her message without any further accompaniment.


She didn’t stray far away from the microphone very often, but managed to show a great deal of emotion when singing key lyrics like Further Away. Lissie appeared to be having fun with the syncopated phrasing in When I’m Alone and unleashed a little raspy tone during the chorus, which fans ate up.


She spoke casually between most songs as if to old friends and her stories added context to her writing, especially on deeper tracks like Daughters. Some of the most popular songs came late in the set including Don’t You Give Up On Me, which she performed with great energy and was a clear standout. Lissie’s range of music appreciation was apparent on her cover of Danzig’s track Mother, which inspired a darker inflection from her vocal that is not like anything else she does, but somehow is still a fit. She also chose a cover tune as her second and final song of the encore, Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness, which is a fan favorite.


Stylistically, supporting act Chase Cohl was a good fit for this outing and established the mood effectively. She came across as genuine and won the crowd over with her songs and personality.


Set List:

1. Hero

2. Further Away (Romance Police)

3. Shameless

4. Oh Mississippi

5. Bully

6. When I’m Alone

7. Sleepwalking

8. They All Want You

9. Daughters

10. Don’t You Give Up On Me

11. Everywhere I Go

12. Mother

13. Ojai


14. In Sleep

15. Pursuit of Happiness

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