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Amos Lee Performs with great SPIRIT at Northrop

Amos Lee at Northrop

Special guest: Mutlu

October 30, 2016

Photo's and Text by: Patrick Dunn

You must experience Amos Lee live to truly appreciate how gifted a singer he is. The Philadelphia born musician demonstrated this once again in the Twin Cities on October 30th at Northrop as part of his tour to promote the new album “Spirit”.


Now adding the title of “Producer” to his growing list of accomplishments seemed to heighten his level of control over the product that was being delivered on stage, which came across as very professional and well put together. Lee’s incredible touring band brought his compositions to life with a wide variety of instrumentation that masterfully complimented his dynamic vocal ability. You could really appreciate Northrop’s exceptional acoustics when he chose to perform “Arms of a Woman” solo and completely away from the microphone.

For added entertainment value, Lee gathered his crew around one microphone on “Supply and Demand” and “Tricksters, Hucksters and Scamps” giving those tunes the charm you would feel from a street corner jam session. Hall and Oates cover “Sara Smile” was an obvious reminder of how influential the Philly scene and 70’s soul has been on the choices Lee makes in his own music. He did a good job of weaving in the new material throughout the set and his rock-solid falsetto on “Walls” made it a standout.

Lee made plenty of references to his many appearances here over the years with statements like, “Every time I come back to Minneapolis, you guys fill me up with this love that you give me and I thank you very much for that.” I think the same sentiment could be echoed back to him as fans left feeling satisfied and sufficiently entertained.

Set List:

Highways and Clouds
Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight
Chill in the Air
Out of the Cold
Arms of a Woman
Supply and Demand
Tricksters, Hucksters and Scamps
Baby I Want You
Won’t Let Me Go / Sara Smile (Hall & Oates) / Pony (Ginuwine)
Encore: (began with) Windows Are Rolled Down

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