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Patrick Dunn

Editor / Photographer

The Twin Cities is known for being rich in the Arts and we are lucky to have a pretty healthy music scene. I still find that many people are often unaware of a lot of the great live music that is taking place here and are missing out on some great experiences that make for valued memories. Websites covering the entertainment scene can be so busy and hard to navigate that it's hard to find your way to knowing about those special shows that would be of interest to you.


I want Concert Communicator to be a useful resource to enable anyone interested in exploring our diverse music scene to easily get informed about shows they would enjoy seeing and be empowered to find out where and when it's taking place and how to get tickets. I'm hoping to use the expertise of my music loving friends to identify and highlight some of the hidden gems that don't get the kind of promotion they deserve. This will also be a place to share some of the great music moments that take place here in words and pictures.


Good communication in any relationship takes two, so feel free to provide any suggestions, advice, ideas, praise or constructive criticism you may have that could improve the Concert Communicator experience. Thank you!

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