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Ana Popovic - 2 Nights of Trilogy at Dakota Jazz Club

Ana Popovic - The Trilogy Tour (Night 2) 

Venue: Dakota Jazz Club

February 27, 2017

All content by: Patrick Dunn

Twin Cities Blues fans are in touch with the buzz surrounding Serbian Blues guitar sensation Ana Popovic, who’s return to the

Dakota Jazz Club warranted a second show to be added February 27th. This time around, Popovic used the new “Trilogy” 3-CD platform to showcase her range of chops from straight forward Blues into old school Funk, Soul, Rock and Jazz. She also used her vocal talent to provide an additional layer of personal expression on nearly every song except a few instrumental pieces focused entirely on guitar.


In addition to blazing solo passages infused at will, Popovic used songs like “If Tomorrow Was Today” and “How’d You Learn To Shake It Like That” to show her versatility on slide. The solid 1 hour / 50 minute set used “Ana’s Shuffle” as an effective launchpad and saw high points during “Train” and “Johnnie Ray”. A cover of “Navajo Moon” satisfied any Blue’s crowd’s appetite for coveted SRV material and “Show How Strong You Are” utilized an extended jam featuring each band member to orchestrate a strong finish.

Popovic announced she will be representing the Ladies during the upcoming Experience Hendrix Tour, but is not expected to be part of the line-up for the March 26th show at Mystic Lake Showroom. Dakota Jazz Club's Lowell Pickett said Popovic is welcome on their stage anytime, so it would be wise to add that to your live music bucket list -- you won't be disappointed!


Set List:
Ana’s Shuffle
Can You Stand the Heat
Object of Obsession
Rain Fall Down
She Was a Doorman
Johnnie Ray
Waiting On You (Double Time Swing)
If Tomorrow Was Today
How’d You Learn To Shake It Like That
Long Road Down
Woman To Love
Navajo Moon (SRV cover)
Show You How Strong You Are


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