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Billy Idol @ The Turf Club

It was great to see people packing into the sold out Turf Club in St. Paul January 19th to support and celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 89.3 The Current. It’s establishments like this that keep the Twin Cities known for being rich in the arts. The event titled Mary Lucia’s Rock and Roll Radio show created a little extra buzz as they were able to arrange for 80s rocker Billy Idol who is out on tour to swing by and squeeze in a 6 song acoustic set. Idol was packed full of charisma and his strong vocal only needed his longtime guitar master Steve Steven’s to do the music justice. The rockabilly style “To Be A Lover” was a standout and of course “Rebel Yell” was the big closer.
Prior to Idol’s set, Little Man hammered out an energetic and entertaining set supporting the idea that big things come in small packages. Tropical Depression started out the evening with a solid set again proving that a 3-piece can create big sound.


(Originally on assigment for Twin Cities Daily Planet)

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