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David Nail Sets the Night on Fire

David Nail at Mill City Nights

Special Guest: Jordan Davis

October 12, 2016


Photo's and review by: Patrick Dunn

There’s something about the calming quality of David Nail’s singing voice combined with his choice of subject matter that makes his songs standout in today’s Country music. He possesses the ability to invoke a specific mood through song that effectively compliments whatever message he is wanting to deliver. Although ballads make up some of his best material, Nail’s rise in popularity has mostly come from the upbeat singles he’s released.

For his show October 12th at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, “Good at Tonight” was the perfect new track to start out this evening on The Fighter Tour. A glance at the mostly younger age crowd didn’t immediately scream “Country” aside from a few flannel shirts and cowboy boots, but their engagement and enthusiasm suggested they were fans of this genre. The venue was a good fit for this show and engineered an exceptional mix that allowed Nail’s voice to shine.

The title track Fighter was an early standout due to its heartfelt delivery. Blending “Again” with Waylon Jenning’s “Are You Sure Hank Done it that Way” allowed room for a powerful build that tastefully ended with an instrumental jam. Nail combined these songs due to their common message and said, “Country is something that you are and not just something that you sound like.” One of his biggest hits “Red Light” inspired one couple to distance themselves from the crowd for a slow dance while many others showed their appreciation by singing along during the chorus. The whole room really perked up at the first notes of “Night’s on Fire” and the energy shifted as fans jumped up and down even offering up a flurry of fist pumps for added effect.

The evening’s most touching offering happened as Nail admitted being back on tour that night was a little harder after enjoying a short break with his wife and 10 month old twins. Prior to performing an ode to his wife “Catherine” he said, “If they hate everything I’ve done, I hope they like this song.” My favorite moments came when he set the guitar down and put his entire focus on singing, which happened for the stirring “I Won’t Let You Go” that kicked off a 3 song encore. He graciously thanked the audience saying, “this has been one hell of a night” and closed with the much anticipated “Whatever She’s Got”.


Set List:
Good at Tonight
I’m a Fire
This Time Around
Let it Rain
Kiss You Tonight
She Rides Away
Again / Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way (Waylon Jennings)
Broke My Heart
Red Light
Counting Cars
Night’s on Fire
Ease Your Pain
Grandpa’s Farm
I Won’t Let You Go
Got Me Gone
Whatever She’s Got

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