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Deborah Savran Celebrates "Let My Heart Lead the Way"

Deborah Savran at The Warming House

CD Release Show: Let My Heart Lead the Way

December 11, 2016

All content by: Patrick Dunn

Have you ever been at a concert and thought, how cool would it be to enjoy this from my living room sofa? Well it may not be at your actual home, but this experience does exist at a trendy new venue - The Warming House. It was the perfect place to cozy up for an inspiring evening of live music December 11th, after a day of digging out from the first significant snowfall in Minneapolis. All of the sofa seating was already spoken for when I arrived for Deborah Savran’s sold-out “Let My Heart Lead the Way” album release show. It was great to see such a solid turn out to celebrate the completion of this significant project for Savran, which was produced by famed keyboardist, Matt Fink (Prince and the Revolution).

I was amused by the venue's charming tradition of introducing each performer with a question. “Leonard Cohen” was Savran’s answer for whom she’d most like to have breakfast with, which inspired her to offer up the first song like a prayer. Performing solo to kick off the set, she grabbed a ukulele and quickly found her stride on “We Are All Teachers in the World”. Following that, she was accompanied by the “Children of Life” band for the rest of the show, providing a larger sound to promote the new material beginning with “Change”.

Although not songs from the new release, “Appreciation” and “Let it Go” were shining examples of Savran’s expressive nature and keen sensibility to create just the right amount of energy to effectively deliver a song’s intended message. You could feel an added level of enthusiasm during “Angel” and “The Woman I Am” revealing a sense of excitement attached to playing the new material. Finally, the album’s title track was a poetic choice to close out the performance on a high and it was a sure standout.

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