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Lukas Graham Fed Off Crowd Energy at Myth Live

Lukas Graham at Myth Live

Special Guest: Hein Cooper

January 18, 2017

All content by: Patrick Dunn

After offering up a breakout “teaser” performance at KDWB’s Jingle Ball at the Xcel Energy Center in December, Danish Pop and Soul band Lukas Graham returned to the Twin Cities 1/18 for a headlining show at Myth Live. I’m happy to report the crowd was fired up and the band responded enthusiastically with a standout performance. “I can now officially say that this is the wildest concert we’ve played in the United States of America”, commented singer Lukas Forchhammer who seemed genuinely excited about their Minnesota fan base.


With so much Pop music performed live against tracks, it’s encouraging to see bands like Lukas Graham influencing the trend back toward live musicians, and these boys can play. Bassist, Magnus Larsson, is almost as much a focal point as Forchhammer, with seemingly boundless energy showing off great skill on his 1964 axe codenamed Gina. The rest of the band is made up of Mark “Lovestick” Falgren (drums), Morten Ristop (keys), a 3-piece horn section and WHAT, no guitar player. The show really was great fun and when they return, Forchhammer said they may need to play both Minneapolis and St. Paul. Based on this show, I’d say go ahead and book it.


Making his US debut, Australian singer / songwriter Hein Cooper opened the show with an Ed Sheeran style set that was well received. His single “Rusty” was a standout.


Set List:

Take the World by Storm

Drunk In The Morning

Hayo (new song)

Don't You Worry 'Bout Me

What Happened to Perfect

Criminal Mind

Better Than Yourself

You're Not There

Only One

Nice Guy (with drum solo)

Mama Said

Strip No More

Happy Home



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