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The Lowest Pair Make Dakota Jazz Club Their Livingroom

The Lowest Pair 

Venue: Dakota Jazz Club

March 2, 2017

All content by: Patrick Dunn

American Roots / Country Music duo Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee (The Lowest Pair) may currently call Olympia, Washington home, but Minnesota has been a place for them to be very productive musically. They’ve also paid their dues on the road since forming in 2013 and seemed excited to play at one of their “bucket-list” venues March 2nd, the Dakota Jazz Club. It really was the perfect setting to effectively appreciate all the dynamics of this “Living Room” style acoustic performance.

Almost immediately, the extraordinary connection between Winter and Lee is felt and makes their storytelling seem authentic and believable. Their quirky banter between songs reveals some insight into a lifestyle very much invested in the creation and performance of this music. They are both very skilled on guitar and banjo, and cycle through different configurations of whose playing what throughout the show. The real magic comes to life through their voices that independently are unique, but blend together for a tasteful harmony that’s identifiably their own.

The Lowest Pair managed to cover a substantial selection of material broken up into 2 sets. They eased into their sound with “The Sky is Green” before advancing to more upbeat selections and also some new material including “When You Can Get It”. “Dreaming of Babylon” was a standout in the second set and the highly requested “Rosie” produced a nice moment as one of the closers.

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