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Bishop Briggs a Positive Force at Palace Theatre

Bishop Briggs at Palace Theatre

BISHOP BRIGGS (presented by GO 96.3)



NOVEMBER 12, 2019

All content by:  Patrick Dunn

Extraordinary is a good word to describe Bishop Briggs and her journey to what is now a blossoming music career. The British singer/songwriter with a stage name inspired by her parent’s Scottish roots, experienced childhood in Japan and Hong Kong prior to starting an ambitious pursuit in Los Angeles toward making music a full-time gig. Currently out on tour in support of her second studio album “Champion”, Briggs shared her talent and creativity with Twin Cities fans at the Palace Theatre on November 12th. This performance was part of a few final U.S. shows scheduled in the mid-West before taking the tour overseas in December.

It may have been the coldest night of the year so far in St. Paul, MN, but that did not discourage the attendance or enthusiasm of Briggs’ growing group of followers. Women accounted for the audience majority, which had a mostly young and progressive feel. The stage setup was very clean with nothing but a wide screen video backdrop leaving plenty of room for Briggs to pace, run and jump, which she did throughout most of the performance. Perhaps the most clever design element was to maximize space above the random video feed for a live band, a critical part in delivering her impactful statement the way it was meant to be heard.

Dressed in a skeleton print hoodie with a clean-shaven head, Briggs delivered the tour's title track “Champion” with conviction. The new release has clearly resonated with fans and made for an effective opener. Her presence while belting out big vocal parts is fierce with an energy that is seemingly beyond containment. In contrast, Briggs’ audience interaction between songs is humble and sweet as if still in disbelief that people are showing up and validating her art with acceptance and appreciation.

Among strong points, performing "Jekyll & Hide" and "White Flag" back-to-back packed a punch and was a perfect segue to a medley she performed in celebration of the many influences that have shaped her unique sound (Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance). “That was me living out an EMO dream of mine” was her justification for the deviation and the band also deserves props for this standout moment. A recent relapse of the flu gave Briggs reason to divulge that she did not want to miss this show, but was unsure what to expect on the vocally challenging "Tattooed On My Heart". I'm so glad she championed through (pun intended) this dynamic alt-rock hymn, plus an additional 4 songs after that including "Hi Lo (Hollow)" and "Baby".

Set List:


Wild Horses

Dark Side

Hallowed Ground

Be Your Love

Jekyll & Hyde

White Flag

Medley: Stressed Out / I Write Sins Not Tragedies / Welcome to the Black Parade


Tattooed On My Heart

Someone Else

Hi Lo (Hollow)

The Fire


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