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Ben Noble Performs Album Release Show




DECEMBER 17, 2017

All content by: Patrick Dunn

With my first listen of "Whisky Priest, I became an instant fan of singer/songwriter Ben Noble. I must admit that I was unsure how the material from this album would play out in front of a live audience considering its sometimes sparse and mostly quieter nature. I was truly pleased to see it come together so nicely at the Bryant-Lake Bowl  Theater on December 17th for his album release show.

Noble knew just when and where to infuse the combined larger sound of his full band to elevate his compositions and effectively generate the kind of energy necessary for an engaging live performance. Some songs required no help like "Healer Might", which those in attendance were wowed by as he was able to pull off the tribal chant like harmony with only the help of some fancy electronics. Noble showed off great skill on his guitar with confidence and an appearance of ease that was impressive. His attachment to the material was evident, which enabled him to work his way through the tunes with a kind of passion that organically welcomed audience members on board for the full ride. He absolutely pulled off communicating this exceptional niche album with authenticity.

You can follow Ben Noble here and on social media to get informed about upcoming shows including a scheduled supporting role with When We Land for their "Introvert's Plight" album release show at Turf Club on January 12th

Also worthy of recognition was a spirited opening performance by Bora York. It was nice to see a number of their loyal followers also in attendance.

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