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Dave King Trucking Company at JT's Jazz Implosion



JUNE 12, 2017

All content by: Patrick Dunn

If you are under the impression that there is no good entertainment happening in Minneapolis on Monday nights, you haven’t yet heard about JT’s Jazz Implosion. This weekly residency at Ice House is attracting a hip crowd and growing in popularity. I’ve been to several now and have enjoyed some very unexpected, high caliber efforts.

The Dave King Trucking Company headlined the June 12th installment and proved to be stacked full of talent. Many know of King from his years with “Bad Plus”, but this project really allows him to take the spotlight in a different way and show off his Jazz chops. I was also thrilled to see Chris Morrissey in the line-up on standup acoustic bass. He is such an expressive player also making him a whole lot of fun to watch. Where there’s Jazz, there’s saxophone and this band didn’t stop at just one. Chris Speed and Brandon Wozniak have figured out how to not only shine on individual parts, but also do a good job of dueling out parts while complimenting each other’s styles. Erik Fratzke rounds out the band’s full sound on guitar with confidence and attitude. While the band had some experimental moments, they were also rich in standard grooves and nice composition.

An opening set by Chicago band “Hanging Hearts” celebrated a record release that night and added great value to the evening. This trio’s set started out heavy on experimental, but led to more structured tunes that revealed Chris Weller (saxophone), Cole DeGenova (keyboards) and Devin Drobka to be three heavies dialed in to a common musical mission.

What will JT’s Jazz Implosion offer in the Monday’s to come? I encourage you to consider being part of the movement.

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