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Eric Gales Holds Nothing Back at The Dakota

Eric Gales at the Dakota



OCTOBER 14, 2018

All content by:  Patrick Dunn

The Dakota has consistently been offering up some great shows each month, but it's fair to say that some rock a little harder than the rest. A perfect example would be the impressive display of Blues/Rock guitar mastery that Eric Gales unleashed October 14th to a very receptive audience.


His passion and enthusiasm are well documented in this gallery of photos, but you had to be there to fully appreciate his sentiment. Gales was labeled a music prodigy at an early age, but much of his recent artistic output has come from a place of struggle. It's so great to see how he has used his guitar to work through challenges and redirect them into a source of positive output. He was excited to announce that new material is scheduled for release in February 2019. There is also another chance to catch him live before that at his co-headlining show with Walter Trout January 31st at the Cedar Cultural Center.

Eric Gales Gallery
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