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Florida Georgia Line Cruise Into Mystic Lake Showroom

Florida Georgia Line at Mystic Lake Showroom for Super Bowl LII



FEBRUARY 3, 2018

All content by: Patrick Dunn

It has been fun to witness the excitement build each day as the Twin Cities gets closer to its big day as host city for  Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium. The crowds have also been growing with events that are happening around downtown Minneapolis, which has made Mystic Lake Casino an especially attractive alternative. With four big nights of concerts scheduled, Florida Georgia Line was a standout making a rare theater appearance at the Mystic Lake Showroom on 2/3/2018. Even as you entered the Casino, the energy level felt elevated adding to the degree of anticipation fans were feeling as they geared up for a performance by this successful modern Country duo.

As ticket holders gradually filled the venue, they were having fun contributing to #FGLMystic as a live Twitter feed was updating real time on video screens during the opening DJ set. The stage began to rumble giving sign it was time for the main event and Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard appeared on a platform above the rest of the band as they launched into

"Anything Goes". My sound expectations for this established room were clearly met and did justice to the exceptional harmonies that Florida Georgia Line is identified by. It could be appreciated most during ballads like "Dig Your Roots", which was one of my favorites. It all built up to a standout performance of their breakthrough hit "Cruise", capping off an entertaining show that was not only fun, but also a nice escape from the norm.

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