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UK Blues Standout Joanne Shaw Taylor at Vieux Carre

Joanne Shaw Taylor at Vieux Carre 03/08/2018



MARCH 8, 2018

All content by: Patrick Dunn

Maybe it's just the nature of the Blues that keeps it kind of under the radar, but I find its fans to be some of the most dedicated out there. The Twin Cities has a great community of followers that are solidly plugged in to what's going on in the scene and I have to thank Doug, Randy and Kathy for strongly encouraging me to make it out for this one. 
Joanne Shaw Taylor is currently the UK's hottest name in Blues and certainly worthy of a big stage performance, so having the opportunity to experience her artistry at St. Paul's newest speak easy "Vieux Carre" was a real treat.

Taylor said she always enjoys visiting the Twin Cities and was actually living here for a while at one point. She graciously thanked the audience for making it out for the show joking "I have to be here, you don't". From there, things moved quickly from zero to hard rockin' Blues as Taylor didn't require any time to warm up. Vocally, her ability to deliver power or pain is a good match for this genre and her words come across as believable.


Whether on a Telecaster or Les Paul, Taylor is a great story teller and had the audience paying attention to every note. The heavier rockin' moments were exciting while her quieter playing was emotional. Performing as a trio was effective and the band was tight. She performed songs from her most recent album "The Dirty Truth" along with her core material and an unknown cover from a band she liked in her local scene growing up. At the sets conclusion, the audience cheered hard for an encore that capped off a truly exceptional evening of food, friends and song.   

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