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MARGOT Debuts Troublesongs at Icehouse

MARGOT peform album release show at Icehouse





JUNE 7, 2018

All content by: Patrick Dunn

If you are under the impression that you’ve got to pay big money to see good live music, I strongly encourage you to explore the abundance of local talent playing all over the Twin Cities for about cost of going to the movies. What’s even better is there’s little chance you’ll walk away saying “it was good, but I didn’t care for the ending.” Americana rock band MARGOT’s June 7th "Troublesongs" album release show at Icehouse not only ended well, it started out compelling and remained entertaining throughout the entire performance.

The six-piece jumped right into their new material with "Weight", an intense attention grabber with a catchy chorus that showed off their tight harmonies. Although not a new track, "Strut" was a standout with its hard rockin' guitar riff that is impossible to stand still to. The crowd was up and dancing along to many of their alt-Country infused melodies that added an element of fun to the show and provided an opportunity for some impressive violin accompaniment. They even shifted gears mid-way for a short acoustic set, that added depth and the evenings most captivating moment was a solo performance of "Before She Goes".

MARGOT will be increasing their fan base while on tour through parts of the U.S. this summer. I look forward to hearing how there sound has matured the next time we get a chance to see them back home in the Twin Cities.

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