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Michael Schenker Fest Hard Rockin' at Cabooze

Michael Schenker Fest at Cabooze on 03/19/2018




MARCH 19, 2018

All content by: Patrick Dunn

I'm gonna call it now - Michael Schenker Fest will be among my Top 5 shows of 2018. I'd say it was kind of a perfect storm in a good way: a major talent, overlooked by the mainstream so audience made up mostly of true fans, in a small club setting with the volume turned up to 11.

Before performing the Scorpions tune “Coast to Coast”, Schenker called out, “it has been 40 years since I wrote this song”. A statement that puts some perspective on what has been a long and significant music career with a variety of chapters. Michael Schenker Fest has become a platform to celebrate this legacy in authentic fashion by including all 3 original “Michael Schenker Group” singers -- Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet & Robin McAuley – plus the current “Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock” vocalist Doogie White.

During the 2+ hour performance on March 19th, Schenker invited each singer up individually to cover a block of songs that were produced during their tenure. In some cases, they were joined by one or more of their peers for harmony. It was entertaining to see how they interacted as they genuinely appeared to be having fun with it. My favorite instance of this occurred during “Dancer”, which Barden, Bonnet, and McAuley managed to elevate to a higher level.

The core band remained constant for the entire show and included Ted McKenna – Drums, Steve Mann - Guitar / Keyboards and Chris Glen – Bass.  Their efforts were spirited and felt tireless, clearly driven by Schenker’s unwavering energy. His fierce attack on a variety of V-shaped Michael Schenker signature series Dean Guitars seemed to have no boundaries and his tone was a reminder of the impact he had on Rock music of that era. Schenker came across as being very much in his element giving you a sense that he must live and breathe music. He was also very good in his audience interaction, frequently making his way to the edge of the stage to be right in your face.

The Cabooze proved itself to be the right venue for this show and dialed in a great mix all night long. I’m also happy to report that Minneapolis was well represented with a super engaged audience who ended up being generously rewarded for their enthusiasm with one heck of a show. Local 90's Glam-Rock band Flipp kicked off the evening with the kind of outrageous set they became known for.

Set List:

Into the Arena (Michael Schenker Group song)
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Michael Schenker Group song)
Cry for the Nations (Michael Schenker Group song)
Attack of the Mad Axeman (Michael Schenker Group song)
Messin' Around
Armed and Ready 
(Michael Schenker Group song)
Coast to Coast (Scorpions song)
Desert Song (Michael Schenker Group song)
Dancer (Michael Schenker Group song)
Night Moods
Searching for a Reason
Assault Attack 
(Michael Schenker Group song)
Captain Nemo (Michael Schenker Group song)
Bad Boys (McAuley-Schenker Group song)
Save Yourself (McAuley-Schenker Group song)
Heart and Soul 
(Michael Schenker Fest song)
Love Is Not a Game (McAuley-Schenker Group song)
Searching for Freedom
Live and Let Live
Vigilante Man
Lord of the Lost and Lonely
Take Me to the Church
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
(Michael Schenker Fest song)
Rock Bottom (UFO song)
Doctor Doctor 
(UFO song)
Shoot Shoot (UFO song)
Natural Thing (UFO song)
Lights Out (UFO song)

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