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Impressive Turnout for Milky Chance at Skyway Theatre



OCTOBER 19, 2017

All content by: Patrick Dunn

Although I'd known Milky Chance is a band on the rise, I wasn't expecting the line out front of Skyway Theatre to be the longest I'd ever seen for a show there. The German Folk group delivered their moody signature sound to the mostly younger crowd who appeared to be loving every note. The room sounded very good and heavy backlighting helped accent a hazy look that matched the mood of the material. This was probably a rare chance to experience this band in such a cool smaller venue setting as I believe next time the visit the Twin Cities, it will be in a much bigger room. 

Supporting artist Gene Evaro, Jr. opened the evening with an inspired set that although much different than the headliner, was impressive and entertaining. 

Milky Chance Gallery
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