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Sonny Landreth Slide Mastery Electric and Unplugged

Sonny Landreth at Dakota Jazz Club 06/17/2018



JUNE 17, 2018

All content by: Patrick Dunn

Louisiana Blues guitarist Sonny Landreth always draws a good crowd in the Twin Cities as was the case June 17th for his first Dakota Jazz Club appearance. He started out with a swampy acoustic set in a trio format that opened up plenty of space to demonstrate just how much emotion can be communicated with a metal slide and a lot of know how. His more substantial electric set followed, offering great looks at his one of a kind picking style. He played a range of material including originals and some classics that included an homage to Johnny Winter.

There will be another chance to catch Landreth performing as part of John Hiatt and the Goners at Pantages Theatre on September 1st.

Sonny Landreth Gallery
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