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Soundset 2018 Kicks-Off Summer with Positive Vibe

Prof at Soundset 2018 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds

Photo by Vito Ingerto



MAY 27, 2018

link to pre-coverage info including official event line-up poster

All photo's by: Vito Ingerto

You can say with confidence that Soundset is the best annual Hip Hop music festival currently happening in the US. Music reporter, Sway Calloway (known for his MTV affiliation) frames it up this way and has been a consistent figure as event M.C. for years now. Another supporting factor is the caliber of artists that have been part of each years growing line-up. This year was another strong offering with a nice mix of old and new that attracted a diverse range of fans numbering around 30,000.

It was Soundset's 3rd year back at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, which has proven to be a good fit to accommodate the high quality sound and lighting standards plus the sheer scale of this well attended music festival. With an established recurring date so early in summer, the weather has varied over time with this year's forecast turning out warmer than normal temperatures - not a bad thing in my book.

Of the 40+ performers appearing on 4 stages (Main Stage North & South, Atmosphere & Friends, Essential Elements), there was plenty to be excited about. Logic and Migos, both hyped up with top billing backed up lofty expectations. The days veteran favorite, Wu-Tang Clang turned out a substantial set celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Enter the Wu-Tang Clan - 36 Chambers". Jayden Smith and Russ showed off what young artists are trying to accomplish as the scenes future while Rapsody and Erykah Badu provided some representation for the ladies. Rhymesayers artists (Atmosphere, Prof, Grieves, dEM aTLAS, Brother Ali) are always local favorites and critical to this event.

A consistent artist theme to offer up messages of a positive nature was noticeable. It's something that influenced the overall vibe, helping to make this years Soundset a standout. This popular festival will continue forward next year, bigger and better at its role in kicking-off the summer season of live outdoor music in the Twin Cities.

Soundset 2018 Gallery
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