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Carl Palmer Pays Tribute to ELP Legacy

Carl Palmer ELP Experiene at The Dakota




OCTOBER 30, 2018

All content by:  Patrick Dunn

Carl Palmer returned to the Dakota October 30th, for another round of his ELP Legacy show. With the passing of Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, Palmer has called upon the extraordinary talents of Paul Bielatowicz and Simon Fitzpatrick to help him celebrate the accomplishments of his former band.

Fans that attended the June 1, 2017 performance were thrilled to experience a refreshed set that many considered to be even better than last time. With show's timing a day before Halloween, Bielatowicz and Fitzpatrick provided some added fun by playing the encore dressed in one piece animal pajamas.

(Link to June 1, 2017 show coverage)

Carl Palmer 10/30 Gallery
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